34 years ago today in 1980, construction work began on the new Munich airport in Erdinger Moos, which theoretically would have been completed in 1988 ...

However, this was prevented by the Bavarian Administrative Court, which decided over 5,724 lawsuits regarding the planned space requirements at the new Munich Airport and imposed a construction freeze. Construction work had to be stopped for almost 4 years just 5 months after the start of construction, until FMG withdrew the planned construction for the third runway - which is again hotly debated today after the number of passengers has almost tripled since the opening in 1992.

An airport is not created overnight!

The current reports on the BER escape port show this very clearly, but the breakdown airport is not all alone. Of course, many errors, mostly on-site, could have been avoided in order to guarantee a quick completion, but the history of Munich Airport also shows that an airport does not come into being overnight.

30 years from the idea to the airport.

Options are already being examined in 1954 Riem Airport to expand further to equip the airport for the future. Due to the proximity of the Riem airport to the city of Munich and not least because of the Air accidents in 1958 and 1960However, on October 24, 1962, the Bavarian Council of Ministers finally decided against the expansion of the Riem airport.

On March 8, 1963, the Oechsle Commission was formed for this purpose, which was to determine a new airport location in 70 meetings - on On August 5th, 1969 the decision was made to use the Erdinger Moos as the new airport location.

On May 17, 1992, the new Munich Airport in Erdinger Moos officially went into operation - 30 years after the decision to build a new airport for Munich.

For BER this would mean, by the way, that another 5 years until the opening would be in the frame, the idea for a single airport Berlin has been around since the reunification ...