I now live near Passau, so it's always something special for me when I'm in Munich again. This afternoon I unexpectedly had some time and so I went looking for the remains of Munich-Riem Airport.

On the way from the tower to Feldkirchen, I noticed that the dirt road to the old runway was open to traffic. The path is only for residents, but strictly speaking, of course, I had a concern. So, in the absence of a parking space, I dared to creep up to the runway and can announce: I was finally on the SLB in Riem. With a delay of over 20 years - but at least ...

And yes, right, I drove the car to the SLB to show that the section is small, but larger than expected ... - and yes, that was an exception! Driving on the route and the SLB by car is of course prohibited!

I did not see many people at the SLB piece, I would like to thank one of them - should he read it: Thanks for turning a blind eye 😉

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