Rent the remains of the old runway at Munich-Riem Airport?

Munich Airport was in Riem for almost 53 years until 1992. Today there is still a remaining part of the runway in the east of the Munich Trade Fair. Where and how can this be booked for events and photo sessions? We ask the city of Munich.
Nature conservation: Not usable for events and commercial use - the remains of the runway in Munich-Riem

Although - or precisely because - the airport in Munich-Riem has been closed for almost 33 years, memories of the old Munich-Riem Airport are rare.

Some Relics are still visible today, including the rest of the former runway. We are constantly receiving inquiries (currently increasing) as to whether and how this piece of history could be booked for photo shoots or even events.

Inquired from the city of Munich:

After the previously responsible department for health and environment in the city of Munich was rebuilt during Corona times, it was unfortunately no longer clear who was actually responsible for the rest of the runway in Munich.

We have therefore asked the city of Munich and would like to thank the city of Munich and everyone involved for their patience and the detailed and, above all, quick response.

In fact, the answer is not that simple - but in the end it is understandably clear:

Munich, March 6, 2024

Dear Mr. Tauber,


Your query has been forwarded to us for the responsible response.


The municipal building department is responsible for maintaining the remaining asphalt surface of the old runway and the surrounding areas.


However, events or (temporary) commercial uses on the area would have to be applied for at the district administration department.


The former runway was deliberately left within the landscaped area to commemorate its previous use and to demonstrate the transformation. It itself has no nature conservation function. However, since it is completely embedded in designated compensation areas for interventions in nature and the landscape, event use would cause significant nature conservation conflicts.


The lower nature conservation authority therefore rejects applications for events or commercial uses for the area.


The compensation and recreational areas were set aside for the development of the former airport site. Natural development is required for them. The surrounding meadows and poor grasslands have now also developed into legally protected biotopes. The asphalt area is only accessible via green paths that run through the compensation areas and it is hardly usable without including neighboring compensation areas.


Best regards

Dr. Stefan Fiedl


State capital Munich

Department for Climate and Environmental Protection

Nature Conservation and Biodiversity Division
Lower nature conservation authority, expert report RKU-III-2
Blumenstr. 28b, 80331 Munich

Forget it: rent the remains of the SLB in the nature reserve

The answer from the city of Munich is as sobering as it is understandable:

The asphalt surface of the SLB is surrounded by a nature reserve,
Commercial use is therefore almost impossible

Regarding the inquiries we have received so far on this topic: According to this statement from the city of Munich, motorcycle races, photo and film shoots, and company events unfortunately have no chance of being accepted.

How do we feel about the situation?

Let's put it this way: We, as organizers of the online archive, are celebrating that it's still “out there”. real remains from Riem Airport gives. It's nice that there are still a few memories of the old airport. – Not that the airport should have stayed in Riem! – No, the fact that he actually made history for Munich with his advantages and disadvantages is what our online archive is all about.

And if we're honest: it would have BUGA05 If this had not taken place, then perhaps nothing of the old SLB at Riem Airport would be visible today. Because the good piece was (according to our satellite time-lapse observation) for the BUGA05 and the project “Ingold Airlines” specially “modified” a little again and thus preserved to this day:


From our point of view, it's not a bad thing that this piece of memory unfortunately doesn't have to be used for spinning tires at races, broken glass and riots at events. In the spirit of culture and nature. Because it is what it is: possibly very attractive for historical and geographical reasons, otherwise a small piece of misplaced asphalt in a nature reserve.

From a lifestyle event perspective, this miserable remnant of the old runway at Riem Airport is seemingly inaccessible and ultimately inconsequential - there are certainly better and more authentic locations in Munich.