3. Runway for Munich?

4 runways at Munich Airport? This is how it was once planned ...
As the private operator of the Munich Airport Online Archive, I focus on the history of Munich Airport and less on the present. Because an archive mainly consists of the past and less of the future.

Learn from the past

But if we take a look at the history books, there are a few arguments for the current discussion on the 3rd runway in Munich. And isn't it about arguments and not about personal sensitivities?

In the years at Riemer Airport, there were comparatively few aircraft accidents - especially not because of the lack of runways. Far be it from me to mention the safety aspects for a new runway.

In return, however, it must be clear that Riem Airport, with only one paved runway, was already stretching its capacity limits again and again in the mid-1950s and an increase in take-offs and landings was simply not possible - not least for safety reasons.

In 1962 the idea of expanding the Riemer Airport was discarded, instead a commission was formed in 1963 to determine a new airport location in 70 meetings. During this time, on April 26, 1966, Munich was awarded the contract for the 1972 Summer Olympics.

While the search for a new airport site began, flight operations continued at Riem Airport until 1992, sometimes under extreme conditions.

It was a long 37 years from the idea of increasing capacity to the opening of the new Munich Airport in Erdinger Moos.

Incidentally, the new Munich Airport was already planned with 4 runways and the topic of the 3rd runway would have long been off the table!

However, airport opponents prevailed in 1981, a construction freeze of 4 years was the result. In a changed plan amendment resolution, the new Munich Airport was reduced from 2050 to 1387 hectares and 2 runways. In 1985, construction work at Munich Airport continued.