Markus and Texasstyle67 ported the FS2004 scenery of the old Munich airport in Riem for the flight simulator X-Plane.

Preview on Youtube

The creators present their work on YouTube and I am of the opinion that it was done very, very well. Congratulations!

By the way: The Riem airport at the beginning of the film in the 1945 version will not be published. It served as a pure intro for the announcement of the Riem Scenery.

Although the 1984 version is apparently being donated to Terminal 2 at Riem Airport (which I think is very nice), the T2 was only opened in 1988. So if necessary the version should simply be renamed to 1988, then it fits again. In 1989, however, I would not take it, there would then be the Germanwings hangar, which is likely to be a little more complex in terms of scenery ...

The X-Plane Airport Munich-Riem version (EDDM) is now available in the following versions: