Runway at Munich-Riem Airport

The runway of Munich-Riem Airport, of which only a really small part still exists today.

The history of the runway in Munich-Riem begins in 1937, at which time the airport was opened Munich-Riem built as the successor to the Oberwiesenfeld airfield. In 1939 the Riem airport was completed and starts flight operations. Due to the Second World War, the new one Munich airport, however, was destroyed by 70% at the end of the war. The renovation work is starting quickly.

The runway was renovated in 1948 07R / 25L with a length of 1900 in length and 60 meters in width put into operation again at Munich Airport, extended by a further 700 meters in 1958.

Because of an urgently needed renovation of the runway, the Munich Airport will be completely closed to air traffic for 3 weeks from 11th to 31st August 1969 will.

In 1969, Munich Airport was actually closed for almost a month - no longer imaginable today! Flights were among other things to Nuremberg and Stuttgart diverted. During the renovation, around 120,000 tons of building material were used to expand the runway 07R / 25L to its final length of 2804 m.

On May 16, 1992 Lufthansa “Freising” was the last aircraft to take off from runway 07R / 25L at Munich-Riem Airport at around 11 p.m., Munich-Riem Airport was closed and relocated to Erdinger Moos.

The old runway was later used for some events and finally had to give way to the New Munich Trade Fair Center.

Today, a minimal (possibly modernized) section of the runway in Munich-Riem is still preserved, but it can only be reached on foot / by bike. The subsection was received for the 2005 Buga exhibition “Ingold Airlines”.

  • 25.10.1939
  • 09.04.1945
  • 22.11.1949
  • 09.08.1969
  • 11.08.1969
  • 17.05.1992