Runway at Munich-Riem Airport.

Runway at Munich-Riem Airport

In 1948 the runway 07R / 25L with a length of 1900 length and 60 meters width was put into operation at Munich Airport, and in 1958 it was extended by a further 700 meters.

Due to an urgently needed renovation of the runway, Munich Airport had to be completely closed to air traffic from August 11th to 31st in 1969, and flights were diverted to Nuremberg. During the renovation, around 120,000 tons of building material were used to expand the runway 07R / 25L to its final length of 2804 m.

On May 16, 1992, Lufthansa “Freising” was the last aircraft to take off from runway 07R / 25L at Munich-Riem Airport at around 11 p.m.

The old runway was later used for some events and finally had to give way to the New Munich Trade Fair Center.

Today a minimal (possibly modernized) section of the runway in Munich-Riem has been preserved, but it can only be reached on foot / by bike. The section was retained for the 2005 Buga exhibition "Ingold Airlines".

  • October 25, 1939
  • April 9, 1945
  • November 22, 1949
  • 4th August 1969
  • 11th August 1969
  • 17th May 1992
  • New air airport in the state capital Munich

    The relocation of civil air traffic from Oberwiesenfeld Airport to the new Munich-Riem Airport has been completed. In 1936, a place south of Riem was chosen as the new location for Munich Airport. Construction began in 1937, the planning for the airport was carried out by the architect Ernst Sagebiel, who was also responsible for the Berlin Tempelhof and Dresden airports [...]
  • 70 percent of Munich Airport destroyed

    The airport facilities are almost completely destroyed in bomb attacks. Up to that day, civil air traffic was also handled in Munich-Riem during the war.
  • Commissioning of the new runway

    On November 22, 1949, in addition to the airport restaurant with ballroom, beer parlor and sun terrace, as well as 10 new hotel rooms directly in the airport, the new 1907 meter long and 60 meter wide runway at Munich Airport went into operation. On the new runway, which was built using bituminous construction and hardened in a special process, [...]
  • Munich Airport moves to Nuremberg

    These aircraft stairs are ready for departure at Munich-Riem Airport! Just like most of the rest of the moving inventory, they are brought to Franconia in a convoy of around 20 vehicles under police protection. Because from August 11th to August 31st 1969, that is for three weeks, Munich will be a cosmopolitan city with a heart, but without [...]
  • General overhaul of the runway

    After the Second World War, the runway 07R / 25L was put into operation at Munich Airport in 1949 with a length of 1,900 long and 60 meters wide, and in 1958 it was extended by 700 meters using the same construction method. The first section from 1948, however, showed considerable surface damage almost 15 years after construction: [...]