These aircraft stairs are ready for departure at Munich-Riem Airport! Just like most of the rest of the moving inventory, they are brought to Franconia in a convoy of around 20 vehicles under police protection. Because from August 11th to August 31st 1969, i.e. for three weeks, Munich will be a cosmopolitan city with a heart, but without an airport!

Nuremberg is the alternate airport, where some staff from Munich as well as the taxiway buses, towing equipment, aircraft stairs, etc. will "land". - and then for a few weeks also those guests who want to go to the Isar metropolis.

The reason for this almost curious situation, that a city with millions of people is without any flight operations for weeks, are extensions and modifications to the Munich runway. From August 5, 1969, Riem is closed to night air traffic - then completely closed from August 11, 1969. On this day, 630 taxiway builders work day and night shifts with the maintenance and extension work, which is worked out according to a precise schedule. It is a DM 14 million project, the preparations of which have already been going on for 5 months.

After completion of the work, i.e. from September 1969, even the “thickest Brummers” will be able to land on their new runway in Munich Riem - those in charge were happy at the time.