The bridging work at Munich-Riem Airport will be completed by spring 1972. After it went into operation, according to planning, five to six million passengers could be handled at Munich-Riem Airport, which corresponded to a doubling of the previous handling capacity in preparation for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. In detail, the following measures were carried out by then:

New arrival hall

Construction of a new arrival system in the west of the airport with an area of around 8,250 square meters. Nine triangular baggage claim belts were installed in the hall, five of them on the foreign side.

Transhipment hall for outgoing domestic and international baggage

A new transhipment hall for outgoing domestic and international baggage with a floor area of around 4500 square meters was built south of the arrivals hall. The outgoing luggage was transported here on fast-moving luggage belts from the check-in hall through a 250-meter-long canal.

Enlargement of the waiting room abroad

The waiting room abroad was expanded by around 7500 square meters to the south.

Enlargement of the check-in hall

The dispatch hall received an extension with around 1200 square meters on the east side.

further renovation measures and backgrounds

The arrival side and the inland side, which were spatially completely separate after the expansion, were connected with a connecting structure due to the numerous transfer connections. Six waiting rooms were set up in front of it, six of which led to the aircraft (up to Boeing 707).

It was also possible to combine two waiting rooms for the handling of a B 747. A maximum of three “Jumbos” could be processed at the same time through the connecting building.

All construction measures were carried out in a provisional lightweight construction and required a cost of around 25 million DM.