Auditorium at Munich-Riem Airport

The grandstand at Munich-Riem Airport, built between 1937-39 according to plans by the architect Ernst Sagebiel, is accessed through 16 portals and staircases and is around 4 m high.

The slightly arched grandstand is now around 525 m long and is located on the west side of the former Munich-Riem Airport in Werner-Eckert-Str. 1

According to the plans of Architect Ernst Sagebiel The structure, erected between 1937-39, is accessed through 16 portals and staircases and is around 4 m high. The width of the former spectator stand, which faces east towards the former taxiway, is around 25 m and is stepped with five steps up to ground level. It was intended as a stand for visitors and spectators, especially during flight days. Originally the grandstand almost reached the Wappenhalle, but the eastern part was demolished over time and had to make way for a parking garage as part of the bridging work for the 1972 Olympics.

At the western end of the grandstand built from Nagelfluhfelsen was a final building, the so-called Scheibebau (based on Disk aircraft construction). During the 2nd World War there was a final assembly of the Me262, in the 50 / 60s Fouga Magister were assembled - later it became a warehouse. In the further course of the grandstand, a mushroom cultivation was temporarily housed, then there was a vacuum chamber, for which a real swath had been cut in the steps on the apron side. In the last part there was a shooting range, and below the grandstand a bunker system.

The last use as an airport visitor terrace took place on August 10, 1983, when the Concorde visited Riem, when part of it was delimited with wire mesh and released for the onlookers.

Like the tower and the coat of arms hall, the grandstand and the front building were placed under monument protection in 1995.

The front building (the former ticket office) is a 600m2 building that was last partially renovated for the BUGA 2005 for around 1.5 million euros and could be rented for events until mid-2014.

Due to the newly created living space in the immediate vicinity of the facility, use as an event location has no longer been planned since mid-2014. As far as can be seen, negotiations were last held in January 2016 about further possible uses of the facility. It could be used for social purposes in the future.