The tower at the old Munich Airport in Riem


The 35-meter-high, eight-story tower of Munich-Riem Airport was opened in 1939 and was responsible for all flight movements at Munich Airport until 1992. 

In the mid-1960s the “bird's nest” was modernized. In 1995 the old tower was placed under monument protection and was completely renovated in 2017 and is now nestled in a modern BRAINLAB office complex.


Until 2014, the tower of the former Riem airport stood unused in the new trade fair town of Riem. In 1995 the airport tower was supposed to be sold for the first time, negotiations failed because of the usage conditions. In 2001 the idea came up to convert the former control tower into a police station for the trade fair city, but these plans were discarded - although the tower would give a very good overall view of the trade fair center - it is one of the tallest buildings at the New Trade Fair Munich.

After this decision, the city of Munich continued to try to sell the former airport tower in Riem, including the associated floor area of around 13,000 m2, for 12.5 million euros. The last time was in 2009. The former control tower should have been converted into a hotel for the Messestadt Riem. Apparently, however, the investor came to the decision that a hotel for the desired target group did not want to stay in the immediate vicinity of the trade fair, so the deal with the city of Munich fell through towards the end of 2010.


After 25 years: control tower is used again


In November 2013 the Munich project developer WÖHR + BAUER acquired the rights to the property from the city of Munich by contract.

On March 6, 2014, an agreement was reached for the 1.3 hectare area around the former airport tower. The Medical technology company Brainlab from Feldkirchen, moved into the area around the former control tower in 2017. A five-story office and production complex with a glass front was built on the property. The construction costs were estimated at around 50 million euros. The lease between Brainlab and WÖHR + BAUER was provisionally fixed for 15 years.