Location decision for the new Munich airport

On August 5, 1969, the Bavarian Council of Ministers published the following resolution:

  1. The state government acknowledges and approves the results of the site investigations presented by the Ministerial Council for Economics and Transport, in which the construction of the Munich II airport at the Erding-Nord site is proposed.
  2. The responsible ministries of state are instructed to immediately take all measures necessary for the construction of the Munich II airport at the Erding-Nord location and to prepare the legally prescribed administrative procedures.

In the interests of the owners affected by the basic needs of the major airport, a facility familiar with the agricultural problems is to be brought in. The state government therefore instructs the State Ministry of Finance to propose to the co-shareholders in Flughafen München GmbH that Bayerische Landessiedlung GmbH should take over the negotiations on the land purchase and compensation payments and - if so desired - let it carry out resettlement measures.

In order to bring about a meaningful and mutually satisfactory restructuring of the agricultural operations in the affected area, the State Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forests is commissioned to use its land consolidation authorities to support Landessiedlung GmbH ...

Following the location decision, the Bavarian Prime Minister, Dr. hc Alfons Goppel, with an appeal to the citizens of the districts of Erding and Freising, in which he pointed out that the airport company would quickly and unbureaucratically compensate everyone when they wanted to give up land, either in money or in land . In conclusion, the Bavarian Prime Minister emphasized that the state government expects the construction and operation of the new airport to bring about a considerable improvement in the economic structure of the surrounding area.

This made the political decision in favor of Munich Airport in Erding / Freising.