After a year and a half of construction, the new Lufthansa hangar, which was built primarily for the “Euro-Jet” (Boeing 727), is being officially opened. The decision to build the Lufthansa maintenance hangar for jet planes, which cost around DM 10 million, was made in July 1963 by the Munich Airport Supervisory Board; the architect was Rolf Zuleger.

The 4 gates, each 15m x 15m, of the more than 101-meter-long and 63.5-meter-wide steel frame-built hangar can be opened over their entire width. Up to four Boeing 727s can be accommodated at the same time in the new Lufthansa maintenance hangar.

The roof of the 6,000 square meter and 16 meter high hall is supported by steel cables that are spanned by four huge pylons. The pylons with a length of 39.5 meters were anchored ten meters deep in the earth by large concrete foundations in order to hold the roof structure with around 320 tons of weight each with approx. 45 meters of cable tension.

27 years later the Lufthansa hangar was blown up after the closure of Munich Airport in Riem.