From June 13 to October 6, 1968, Germany's first ADAC rescue helicopter was in a test series at Munich Airport. The Bell 206 A Jet Ranger helicopter was rented from Süd Helicopter (now MHS Aviation Grünwald).

In the machine, two patients could be transported on normal stretchers, one above the other, across the direction of flight. Due to the lack of cabin width, the two rear doors had to be widened to accommodate the patient stretchers.

The crew consisted of the pilot and an emergency doctor who was alternately provided by the aid organizations Bavarian Red Cross (BRK), Johanniter Unfall Hilfe (JUH) and the Malteser Aid Service (MHD). For reasons of space and weight, a paramedic was not used to support the emergency doctor.

The machine with the identification D-HABL was operated by a ground radio station in the ADAC headquarters building, which listened to the radio call name "Christoph Munich". In the further course of the test series, the base was moved from the airport to the Klinikum Rechts der Isar. During the entire duration of the experiment, "Kolibri" was called to a total of 52 missions on 47 days. The conclusion from these test phases was the realization that the operational radius of 100 kilometers was too large, as the helicopter was hardly requested outside of 70 kilometers.