Piper rushes into Mc Donald's restaurant in Trudering

Airplane crash in Munich 1987: Sports plane crashes on FastFood Restaurant in Wasserbuger Landstrasse in Munich-Trudering. Prugger-Weg, narrowly missed the ARAL petrol station located there, brushed against a bus on line 192 of the former [...]

Piper rushes into Mc Donald's restaurant in Trudering

Airplane crash in Munich in 1987: a sports plane crashes into the FastFood Restaurant on Wasserbuger Landstrasse in Munich-Trudering

On August 11, 1987, at around 3:28 pm, a Piper “Cheyenne II” with the identification “D-ILRA” crashed on Wasserburger Landstrasse near Nikolaus-Prugger-Weg, narrowly missing the ARAL petrol station there and grazing one Line 192 bus of the former MVV Munich and crashed into the McDonald's restaurant on Wasserburger Landstrasse. The restaurant was totally destroyed and later rebuilt in the same place

9 people died, 30 others were injured, some seriously.

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Board later found that Piper Cheyene, who was on a check flight, was at a height of around 60 meters when the aviation authority inspector simulated an engine failure. The examiner pulled the experienced Cheyenne pilot's engine into idle in a completely unsuitable situation without prior notice. This maneuver ultimately led to the crash of the Piper Cheyenne II.

A memorial stone at the Nikolaus-Prugger-Weg Trudering bus stop has been commemorating the accident with the PA-31 T-620 Cheyenne II since 1992. Cynics named the Mc Donalds branch in Wasserburger Landstrasse after the accident in Mc-Fly or. Fly-in