Last Thursday evening we went to Memmingen - to Luftbildverlag Hans Bertram. Managing director Patrick Kisel had invited to rummage in the archive of the Luftbildverlag for photos of the Riem airport.

Some of you would have liked to take part in the appointment, but unfortunately we were unable to find a common appointment due to shift schedules and other appointments or reasons. It's a shame, but in order not to have to postpone the deadline further and further, Patrick and I then agreed on last Friday.

On Thursday evening I arrived in Memmingen and moved into quarters at the Airport Hotel (highly recommended, by the way). Patrick had spontaneously kept the evening free and so we met on Thursday evening to have dinner together. Before that there was a very informative private tour around the Allgäu Airport with many interesting details about the airport in Memmingen.

On Friday we started at 9:00 a.m. - Patrick had already collected well over 1000 slides and negatives from the archive in advance. The “viewing marathon” on the photo material, some of which is almost 60 years old, could begin. The journey through time was so exciting that I almost overheard Patrick's hungry call for food. But since I still had a journey of 300 km home in front of me anyway, research continued until about 2 p.m. The result of the 5-hour research are 147 selected motifs. Admittedly: A great selection, but a not inconsiderable number of photos in relation to the upcoming work steps such as digitizing and retouching.

We have therefore agreed that Bertram Luftbildverlag will reduce the number of images a little again if necessary (with 5 hours of intensive research, there may still be motifs that are almost the same) and digitization bit by bit in the coming weeks and months - after all Utilization takes place. We start with the most recent motifs - that is, chronologically backwards.

In summary, I would like to thank you once again very, very warmly for the invitation, the warm support and of course the insight into almost 60 years of Riem history.

Thanks Patrick! 😉