Munich - Riem

Historical presentation of Munich - Riem. From the community to the airport location and integration as a district of Munich.
Munich - Riem aerial photo (2007 - symbol picture:

Riem is located about 7km east of Munich city center and, together with Trudering, forms the city district 15 Trudering-Riem

Riem before 1900: historical facts about Riem

The first documented mention of today's Riem dates back to the year 788. The original name Riema, which originated around the 9th century, is attributed to the meaning "belt". Possibly because the original town of Riema with its courtyards was built like a belt around St. Martin's Church in what is now the Trudering-Riem district, dating back to 1183.

Since 1158 the salt road Reichenhall-Augsburg ran through the village of Riem and brought 5,000 wagons a year. In 1644, Thurn und Taxis built a post and relay station, and in 1881, the municipality of Dornach gave Riem its own school building.

From 1818 Riem was an independent municipality, later it was assigned to the municipality of Dornach for some time. The horse racing track in Riem was built from 1895 to 1897.

Riem 1937: New Munich airport location

In 1936, Riem was named the new airport location after the old airfield in Oberwiesenfeld could not be expanded due to a lack of space and its proximity to Munich city center. On January 1, 1937, Riem was incorporated into the Munich metropolitan area due to the construction of the airport.

After two years of construction, the new Munich - Riem Airport was opened on September 1, 1939. Since the opening of the airport coincided with the outbreak of World War II, civil air traffic was not started until October 25, 1939. In April 1945, Riem was considerably destroyed in bombing raids. After the reconstruction, Riem grows with the airport and is ultimately the hub of the world for the Summer Olympics in 1972 for a short time. 1975 becomes the S-Bahn station Riem built.

Riem 1992: From the airport to the exhibition center

In 1992 the airport in Riem was closed and moved to the Erdinger Moos. As early as 1990, the basic plan for the use of the airport site was called “new exhibition center in Munich” farewell. In the following years, however, the old airport facility was initially used as an event location and flea market area. From 1994, the new exhibition center and apartments were built on part of the old airport site. The tower, the spectator stage and the Coat of Arms Hall were preserved as monuments.

In September 1992 one of the largest transshipment stations was opened in Riem. The cargo handling terminal as a double module facility on the outskirts of the Bavarian capital is an important hub in north-south traffic between Germany and Italy. Many thousands of tons are brought here from the road to the rail and vice versa every day. The proportion of these consignments envelopes makes up approx. 25% of the total rail traffic at the Riem transshipment station. The cargo handling terminal has a direct rail connection to the main line in all directions. As a special feature of the system, there is the option of allowing trains to enter directly from the network. The facility was expanded to include a third crane runway in 2011, increasing the total capacity of the Riemer transshipment station to up to 400,000 shipping containers and up to 7,000 trains per year (20 trains and over 1,000 containers per day).

On February 12, 1998, the new Riem exhibition center with a total area of 140,000 square meters was officially opened after only 3.5 years of construction. Almost 6 weeks later, Riem received a new fire station. The fire station 10 - Riem / Neue Messe as a guard area includes the city districts of Daglfing, Riem, Neu Riem, Moosfeld, parts of Trudering and the entire area of the New Munich Trade Fair Center, the trade fair city and the later subway station and the Riem Arcaden.

The U2 line has been opening up the entire site since May 29, 1999, after a spectacular tunnel collapse on September 20, 1994, in which the roof of the newly created tunnel at Trudering station collapsed due to ingress of water and a 192 bus with the rear first slid into the resulting crater. Two passengers were killed in the bus and a construction worker was also killed. Due to the accident, the opening of the U2 / Messe underground station was delayed by one and a half years, resulting in additional costs of 30 million euros.

The ICM (International Congress Center Munich) opens on October 9, 1998 and is now one of the leading congress centers worldwide. Among other things, the Bambi Awards, the Bavarian Sports Prize, and the Kaiserball were held at the ICM in the trade fair city of Riem. Together with Messe München International and the MOC, the ICM forms the Messe München locations. Thanks to the good transport links, both the airport and the main train station in Munich can be reached in 20 minutes.

At the same time as the opening of the new trade fair in Munich, the Riemer Park was built on 200 hectares of the old airport grounds from 1997, where the Federal Horticultural Show was held from April 28 to October 9, 2005. With a central exhibition area of 130 hectares within the approximately 200 hectare Riemer Landscape Park, the BUGA2005 in Munich was one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

Riem 2000: ecological life in Riem?

The newly created district of Messestadt Riem is separated from the district of Riem by the A94 motorway. Since 1999, residents have started moving to the trade fair town of Riem. The Riem Arcaden shopping center with 120 retail stores, a hotel and numerous office and residential units was opened on March 10, 2004, and an ecumenical church center was built next to it. In 1999 the Messestadt Riem still had 1,600 inhabitants, today it has space for almost 12,000 inhabitants from 111 nations. By 2014, the Messestadt Riem is expected to have 16,000 inhabitants. A tenfold increase in the number of inhabitants within just 15 years, which is not entirely uncritical in terms of socio-political aspects. According to the social department of the city of Munich, at the beginning of 2013 there were around 638 percent more social and occupational housing in Riem than the city average. The number of children is almost three times as high as the urban average, with an above-average number of families even having more than five children. At the same time, there is a lack of suitable infrastructure: there is a lack of paediatricians, municipal daycare centers and secondary schools.

After a year-long planning phase, Police Inspection 25 was officially put into operation on July 2nd, 2008 in Werner-Eckert-Strasse as the youngest inspection of the Munich Police Headquarters. The inspection area of Police Station 25 essentially covers the area of the 15th district (Trudering - Riem)

Riem 2006: The Pope in the trade fair city

On September 10, 2006, the Pope celebrated a Sunday service in the Messestadt Riem. This service was attended by more than a quarter of a million people. In the Pope sermon in Riem, he indirectly criticized the German Catholic Church, as it is more committed to social than to missionary projects - but both are closely linked. He also complained about an increasing "deafness to God".