Munich Airport, the move to Erdinger Moos

On May 16, 1992, the largest move to date in European aviation took place within just 16 hours: Riem Airport was moved to the new Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport Relocated to Erdinger Moos.

For more than 2 years, the 20-strong organization team around 35-year-old Kuno Kirchner, the head of relocation planning, planned and prepared the move. Some moving activities could be done in advance or afterwards, but 500 “vehicle movements” could inevitably only take place on the night of May 17th. A large part of the vehicles and equipment was needed right up until the end in Riem and had to be ready for use on time for the first take-off at the new Franz-Josf-Strauss Airport. At the same time as the airport move, 170 companies were moved from Riem to Erding, which also appeared in Kuno Kirchner's planning. Because he had urged the companies to move together in order to ultimately avoid the perfect chaos and bottlenecks in forwarding resources.


The History of Munich Airport MUC II continues, however, even if today's Munich Airport in Erdinger Moos is actually the third commercial airport in the state capital of Munich. Erding would therefore correctly be MUC III ...