Air accidents at Munich-Riem Airport

In the course of time there were unfortunately also accidents at Munich Airport, or plane crashes of planes that took off from Munich Airport or were on their way to Munich Airport. 

Airplane crashes at the airport in Riem

At this point there are reports on air accidents, plane crashes or plane damage in Munich in chronological order. Basically - based on the number of flights at the old Munich airport - really little has happened! Please note that accidents are also recorded here that did not happen directly at Munich-Riem Airport, but were also often flights to and from Munich, where the accident location was not necessarily in Munich.

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Air accidents in connection with Munich-Riem Airport

  • April 21, 1945
  • February 6, 1958
  • December 17, 1960
  • 17th January 1970
  • February 9, 1970
  • March 6, 1970
  • February 17, 1982
  • July 12, 1984
  • August 11, 1987
  • FW 200 Condor crashes on flight from Tempelhof to Riem

    On Saturday April 21, 1945, the Focke Wulf 200B-2 Condor D-ASHH "Hessen" took off from Berlin-Tegelhof at around 20:20 for a transfer flight of the DLH flight control from Berlin to Munich. It was the last flight of a private airline from the Reich capital Berlin after the ring around Berlin was closed by the Red Army at the end of the Second World War [...]
  • BEA 609 crashed when attempting to start

    On February 6, 1958 at around 3:03 p.m. after a refueling stop in Munich-Riem, the BEA flight 609, the Airspeed AS 57 Ambassador G-ALZU 'Lord Burghley', crashed on the charter flight from Belgrade to Manchester. The flight accident made sad history as "Munich Air Disaster" or "Munich Air Crash". After the scheduled refueling stop at Munich-Riem Airport, flight captain James Thain with [...]
  • Convair C-131D crash on tram in Munich

    A fully fueled Convair C-131D passenger aircraft of the United States Air Force took off at 2:05 p.m. from Munich-Riem in the direction of Norfolk (England) when it hit a tram in the Schwanthalerstrasse / Martin area shortly after take-off - around 2:10 p.m. -Greif-Strasse (north of Theresienwiese) fell. Even before the start, the 5 year old machine had problems with the engine, [...]
  • Beechcraft 65 crashed at Munich Airport

    Source: Federal Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau Title: Flugzeug D - IDIM (Beechcraft 65) .- January 17, 1970 File number: 802.1-1 / 70 Retention period: 2004 Place of use: Bundesarchiv Koblenz Final archive Archive signature: B 425/225 Currently no further information is available the misfortune.
  • Unsuccessful start of a Comet 4c at Munich-Riem Airport

    Due to suspected icy wings, the de Havilland DH-106 Comet 4C of the UAA - United Arab Airlines (now Egyptair) had to abort the take-off process from a height of about 30 feet (10 meters), left the runway and hit a fence . During the emergency landing, the landing gear was torn off and a small fire developed, which, however, could be extinguished quickly. Of […]
  • Bavaria Jetstream crashes on flight from Riem to St. Moritz

    On Friday, March 6, 1970, the founder of the Bavaria airline, Max Schwabe, had an accident with his Handley Page HP-137 Jetstream 1 (D-INAH) near the tourist resort of St. Moritz. Jetstream, which took off from Munich Airport, suffered turbine damage on engine 1 on its approach about 3 km from St. Moritz-Samedan Airport in Switzerland and was therefore unable to maneuver. The […]
  • Plane crash: FC Bayern manager Uli Hoeneß survived

    The FC Bayern manager Uli Hoeneß and his friend Helmut Simmler wanted to watch the international match between Germany and Portugal in the Lower Saxony Stadium on February 17, 1982. Together with the pilot friend and former ski racer Wolfgang Junginger and his 25-year-old co-pilot Thomas Kupfer, a student from Munich, it was supposed to be a twin-engine Piper PA-34 Seneca (D-GIFL) from the Riem airport [...]
  • Hail storms damaged aircraft at Munich Airport

    After a hot summer day, shortly after 8 p.m. on the evening of July 12, 1984, deep black thunderclouds suddenly appeared over Munich from the west. Immediately afterwards, gusts of wind with wind force 11 set in, and the temperature drops from 26 to 16 degrees Celsius within five minutes. This is the prelude to one of the most devastating hail disasters [...]
  • Piper rushes into Mc Donald's restaurant in Trudering

    Airplane crash in Munich 1987: Sports plane crashes on FastFood Restaurant in Wasserbuger Landstrasse in Munich-Trudering. Prugger-Weg, narrowly missed the ARAL petrol station located there, brushed against a bus on line 192 of the former [...]