Relaunch des Online-Archiv

Relaunch of the online archive

In 2011 I started to build the online archive. Visually and technically, the archive is unfortunately quickly out of date due to the fast pace of the Internet and it was time for a new coat of paint. So I have the holidays between December 2018 and ...
3. Startbahn für München?

3. Runway for Munich?

As the private operator of the Munich Airport Online Archive, I focus on the history of Munich Airport and less on the present. Because an archive mainly consists of the past and less of the future. Out...
Berlins Boeing 707

Berlin's Boeing 707

In 1960 the Boeing 707-400 D-ABOC was christened “Berlin” by Willi Brandt, today the good piece stands on the edge of Tegel Airport and rots there. We clarify why and what the D-ABOC "Berlin" has to do with Munich Airport ....